The Curant Health Patient Education & Engagement Resource (PEER) Model

What does it take to achieve outcomes advocacy?

The pathway to optimized outcomes advocacy requires precision navigation of technology, resources and patient insight to provide optimal interventions and support ideal patient behavior.

However, the challenge remains: how do you determine best mix of tools and partners?


Curant Health is different because we treat the whole patient through focus on all their therapies. This approach leads to outcomes advocacy and our confidence in going at risk with our manufacturer partners in value-based contracts with payers.

Frequently, investment results miss the mark.

Traditional Specialty Pharmacy and HUB service models focus on singular disease states and the delivery of associated medications; these models do not focus on treating the whole patient. Frequently, HUB models offer patient services that go unused, making it impossible to achieve outcomes advocacy. Population health partners often offer costly tools that provide patient insight without corresponding mechanisms to change patient behavior.

Neither specialty pharmacies nor HUBs will or can assume risk of patient outcomes for their services.


Curant Health focuses on providing support through optimized personal interventions for patients who frequently take multiple medications for multiple chronic disease states. Our care management approach delivers differentiated outcomes and actionable insights.

Curant Health provides meaningful, measurable value for pharmaceutical manufacturer partners by bridging gaps in current care models, encouraging medication adherence and providing measurable health outcomes.

Through ongoing patient education and continued engagement with other healthcare providers, Curant Health clinicians develop a robust view of each patient’s therapy pathway. Our approach provides unmatched insight into patients’ challenges and successes with prescribed therapies.

The Curant Health PEER Model supports our pharmaceutical manufacturer partnerships through a focus on three key areas. It also provides partners with visibility to the entire patient pathway as patients move from therapy awareness to therapy persistence.


The PEER model leverages our proven care management expertise to deliver the optimal level of intervention for patients by:

  1. Assessing and optimizing the current patient journey 
  2. Engaging with the patient and providers to document real-world evidence and to make better healthcare decision
  3. Tracking key patient outcomes, including real-world evidence of therapy adherence and patient satisfaction
  4. Improving the patient journey by responding and continuously adapting to meet patient needs throughout the lifetime of therapy

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