Curant Health patient, Robert J. is thankful for his care team


Before Robert J. was diagnosed with multiple chronic illnesses, including diabetes, he had a passion for healthcare and was practicing nursing. However, once his health took a turn for the worse, getting out of bed went from an everyday action to an emotional and physical chore.

“There were ups and downs – one week I’m on top of the world and the next, I’m down and out. That bothers me. I can’t practice nursing and I miss doing that.”

Before receiving personalized medication management services from Curant Health, Robert filled his prescriptions at various medical centers and eventually turned to a local retail pharmacy.

“The retail pharmacists were very polite, but sometimes I felt like I was getting the run around when it came to getting my medications. I’d have to take several trips to pick up my medicine and find out they only had partial fills of my medications instead of the entire prescription filled. They would sometimes tell me that the only way to get a whole fill was to go to a different pharmacy.”

The multiple back and forth trips, combined with high copays, virtually no copay assistance and emotional drain were key factors in Robert’s decision to seek out more value in his care. Through his provider at Southwest Viral Med, Robert was introduced to Curant Health and saw immediate value in his new, personalized services. The free home delivery gave Robert peace of mind and Robert’s patient care coordinator worked to obtain copay assistance, making it easier for him to manage his health-related financials.

“Now my conditions don’t really impact my day to day because of all the support I get from Curant Health and my friends.”

Partnering with Curant Heath improved more than Robert’s point of view, it gave him a care team that he appreciates and enjoys interacting with.

“Chelsea, my patient care coordinator, has been phenomenal! Whenever I call her she is there, helping me with whatever I need – she’s definitely helps me keep my sanity! I know whatever she’s going to do she will do – I feel like Chelsea has got my back and she’s really genuine.”

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