Curant Health and VCU ID Clinic deliver highly personalized services to Robert G.


Curant Health has partnered with VCU ID Clinic since 2013 as a 340B contract pharmacy and to provide medication management support services. One unique aspect of our partnership is the shipment of Ensure meal supplements for selected underweight patients; VCU ID Clinic pays for the supplements and Curant ships the cans of meal supplements directly to patients’ homes.

Robert G., an HIV-positive patient with throat cancer, has been a shared patient of the two organizations since 2016. Typically, Robert receives his Ensure supply from Curant and fills his HIV and cancer treatment prescriptions at a local location of a major retail pharmacy. In June 2017, a clerical error resulted in Robert losing his Medicare coverage for a month.

Without coverage, Robert faced the prospect of discontinuing his medication therapy, amounting to what could be a potentially devastating event. Robert needed help in finding a way to get his medications, and notified his VCU ID Clinic nurse, Carol, of his dilemma.

Sharing a Highly Personalized Solution for a Positive Patient Experience

Carol reached out to one of her contacts at Curant, Natalie, a Senior Business Support Specialist, and asked if Curant could manage Robert’s entire medication regimen until his Medicare coverage resumed. Natalie then brought in TJ, Robert’s Patient Care Coordinator, to assist in quickly moving Robert’s prescriptions to Curant. Working together, Carol, Natalie and TJ got all of Robert’s prescriptions moved quickly and smoothly to Curant, and we shipped his entire medication regimen to him without interruption to his medication schedule.

To ensure Robert didn’t go without his medications, VCU ID Clinic stepped in to pay the $3,000 bill for Robert’s medications during his lapse in Medicare coverage.

We were able to provide this highly personalized service on behalf of our shared patient, Robert, because both VCU ID Clinic and Curant Health have the same goal of ensuring patients experience the best possible patient journey. Furthermore, our teams are encouraged to work together closely to provide excellent service. Quick action and a common focus on our mutual patient, Robert, means that he didn’t experience a potentially life-threatening lapse in medication therapy.

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Kristin Lindsey
Sr. Marketing Director