UAB 1917 Clinic patient Rick has no worries with Curant Health's personalized services


The initial shock of an HIV positive diagnosis

In 2001, University of Alabama, 1917 Clinic patient Rick was diagnosed with HIV and spent the following summer as a patient at the local hospital.

Rick’s CD4 count was eight and his viral load was in the hundreds of thousands. As Rick explained it, his immune system was “nonexistent,” and he stated he was in bed the entire summer with pneumocystis pneumonia (an infection that caused fluid buildup in the lungs).

Rick’s diagnosis left him overwhelmed financially as well. The monthly medication copays were staggering, including a copay of $355 for just one of his life-sustaining medications.

On top of the physical and financial stress of his HIV positive diagnosis, the tactical, proactive management of Rick’s condition was extremely difficult.  Historically, successful HIV treatment has required precise medication combinations taken at very regular intervals. Rick’s challenge was that none of the local pharmacies carried his entire HIV medication regimen. For Rick, this meant visiting several pharmacies and clinics each month in order to get all of his needed medications.

“Rick, we need to talk”
Early in 2012, a University of Alabama, 1917 Clinic social worker approached Rick and told him they needed to talk. This team member told Rick about Curant Health and its personalized medication management program. This program, which includes regular support from patient care coordinators, personalized medication convenience packaging and free home delivery, seemed like a great fit for Rick. Says Rick, “the conversation I had that day turned out to be a godsend. Enrolling with Curant Health has given me breathing room.”

Rick gets a weight off his shoulders AND gets healthier
Since beginning his personalized medication management program with Curant, Rick no longer has to worry about having all of his medications on hand when it’s time to take them, and coordinated refills are no longer a problem. He also receives ongoing support from his patient care coordinator, Elizabeth.

“I have no worries about medication deliveries or refills. My patient care coordinator, Elizabeth, is wonderful! She always knows how to track me down, whether I’m at work or on the road. She takes the time to explain everything I need to know about my medications. This program is so easy it’s like having a weight taken off my shoulders.”

He also shared that Curant Health found him copay assistance to help cover the cost of his medication, and his out-of-pocket monthly prescription cost is now $0.

Rick’s CD4 count is now consistently between 325 – 400, and his viral load is undetectable.

What’s next for Rick?
Now that Rick is free to concentrate on things he enjoys, he is an eager supporter of other University of Alabama, 1917 Clinic patients. Rick is a member of their Patient Advisory Board, where he coordinates and oversees clinic lunch-and-learn sessions, and he educates HIV patients on the benefits of getting help from healthcare partners like Curant Health that deliver personalized care.

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