Improve access and fill gaps in patient support

We drive successful medication adherence programs by filling the gaps in existing patient support programs. Through continuous collaboration with patients and providers, and leveraging our clinical pharmacy expertise, we help patients get and remain adherent to their medication regimens. Our approach works.


Drive brand advocacy through data

Our Patient Education & Engagement Resource (PEER) model gives partners data-driven visibility into the entire patient pathway, which is critical in supporting patients as they progress from therapy awareness to compliance to persistence.

Our adherence hub:

  • Can perform independently or coordinate with your access HUB
  • Is patient-centric, not product-centric
  • Allows for interventions based on real-time patient assessments
  • Provides proactive support with intense, ongoing care coordination

Deliver Proven Results to Support Outcomes-Based Contracts

With partners such as The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine and the Mayo Clinic, we validate our performance with real-world, IRB-approved studies to examine the impact of our medication care management approach on patients with chronic conditions.

  • Curant protocols are proven to yield higher adherence and better outcomes
  • Curant Care Management has demonstrated reduced provider staff burden
  • Curant has achieved best-in-class Medicare Star Ratings across all payers

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