Helping to eliminate a financial burden for Michael


The following is the transcript of a call received during September 2017 from our patient, Michael:

“My partner and I have had a long journey trying to successfully manage the financial burdens that often accompany our chronic conditions. Thankfully, we found Curant Health through the University of Alabama-Birmingham (UAB) 1917 Clinic. We were introduced to Curant due to the positive relationship between the company and UAB. Before I became a shared patient of Curant, I was paying over $1,500 every quarter in copays for my medications. Once I was brought into Curant’s care, my patient care coordinator, Ashley, immediately worked to get me on several copay assistance programs, reducing my copay to almost nothing. Having up to $5,000 come out of my pocket every year was a lot. I was thankful to have that money back in my pocket, allowing me to focus on more than just medication-related financial barriers.

I’ve been on multiple medications for what seems like forever. My partner is on the same medications as well. Therefore, the financial assistance Curant provided was an instant relief, and my partner and I are both very appreciative. I was directly impacted by the high level of concern and dedication Curant has for its patients. For example, before enrolling with Curant I received one of my medications from a major retail pharmacy. I found an online copay card so I would only have to pay $5 for the drug Januvia. However, when I arrived at the pharmacy, I was informed that the copay was $260 instead, and the copay card was not taken into consideration by the pharmacy! Therefore, one point I stressed when I joined Curant was my fear of paying high copays for medications I desperately needed. During one of my first conversations with Ashley, she took the time to listen to me express my concerns and she kindly offered solutions and suggestions. One of her suggestions was a referral to the low-cost copay assistance programs I now take part in. Ashley helped me get the copay assistance I needed and on top of having very low copays, my insurance now covers what the copay cards did not!

When I compare the services I receive from Curant to the services I use to receive from my old pharmacy, I can tell that Curant cares about me, not only as a patient but as a person. That feeling is reinforced each month when I receive a call from Ashley to check in on my wellbeing and to speak to me about my medications. I almost feel like I know everyone at Curant and I love it! I wouldn’t change it for the world and I wouldn’t want to. I just want my Curant care team to know, on a personal and a heartfelt level, that they made a difference in my life and I appreciate them all.

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Kristin Lindsey
Sr. Marketing Director