Curant Health simplifies medication management for Nancy


Meet Nancy

Nancy lives in a town of about 16,000 in the central part of Maine near Messalonskee Lake. She enjoys spending her time tending to her garden, a hobby she finds to be both therapeutic and a labor of love. She lives in a quiet, private neighborhood with five nearby houses on five different roads.  And while Nancy’s family lives about half an hour away, most of her days are well-spent at her local clinic where she works as a Peer Advocate.

Not only is Nancy an employee of her local clinic, but she is also a patient there. She has been HIV positive for 27 years, and she explained that she does not keep her HIV status a secret.

“I didn’t want to keep on living a lie. It was so stressful and tiring, feeling like I couldn’t be able to say ‘this is what I have.’”

What Nancy did find stressful was numerous trips to the pharmacy in town to pick up her medications.

“My prescriptions were always ready at different times.  That means you end up making many trips up to the same pharmacy,” says Nancy.  “After a while it kind of gets unpleasant if you have to run in,” she continues. “I don’t live in an extremely big city, but it’s a hassle to have to go every week or so to pick up my medications.”

Nancy meets Olivia and Curant Health

Like many other patients, Nancy was introduced to Curant Health by her provider. What immediately drew her to the service was the synchronized, free delivery of medications to her home. This service immediately eliminated the multiple trips to the pharmacy Nancy had been making.

“Curant Health is fantastic because everything comes right to my door once a month! To me, that is an important feature,” says Nancy.

One unanticipated benefit Nancy has enjoyed: the excellent support she receives from her patient care coordinator.

“Everyone I’ve dealt with at Curant has all been so terrific! I’m a big talker, so it’s nice to have respectful people you can talk to. Everyone at Curant is very willing to help me with anything when I call them or when they call me.”

The help Nancy receives from Olivia, her patient care coordinator, along with her personalized medication management program and home delivery of her medications, gives her more flexibility with her schedule and more time to do the things she loves, like working in her garden.

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