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Life before Curant Health

Four months ago, I was at my doctor’s office in Augusta, Georgia when a representative from Curant approached me and asked if there was anything I wish I could change about the current way I received my medications.

Up until that point, I had been experiencing some inconveniences when receiving my medications, but like so many others, I just came to accept and tolerate the monthly challenges I had to face. I’m a truck driver, and I’m constantly on the road, continuously working the delivery of my medications around my work schedule.

When I’m on the road, my medications must be sent to whichever pharmacy is closest to my final destination at the time. After a while, it became a hassle.

Speaking with a Curant representative introduced me to a simpler way of doing things.

It wasn’t until I spoke with the Curant representative that I admitted I couldn’t continue with the roulette game of hoping my medications showed up at the right locations at right the times.

The unpredictability became so bad, I asked for a different driving schedule. That way, I could pick up my medications from my local pharmacy each month, guaranteeing that I would have them before I ran out. However, I didn’t decide to change my work schedule until I had a very close call with missing a dosage of my medication; having HIV, it’s paramount that I don’t miss a single dose.

A close call

Once, I had to drive a route beginning in Atlanta and ending in Texas. My refill had run out that day, so I began my trip having taken my last dose of medication. The plan was to pick up my medications at a major retail pharmacy in Tennessee, which was a stop on my route. When I arrived, I discovered the pharmacy didn’t carry any of my prescriptions. When I made it to Texas, I found another major retail pharmacy, but they didn’t carry all the medications I needed either. My final destination was in south Texas. However, when I stopped at a pharmacy in that area, they only had a part of my medications!

I had no medicine left and had been to three major retail pharmacies in two different states with no luck.

I had to stay overnight in Texas just so I could get to the pharmacy early the next morning, when they would have my full regimen in stock. It was at that point that I knew I couldn’t chance a close call like that again.

Curant Health steps in

When I returned from my route, I asked my supervisor to change my schedule so I could come home once a month and pick up my medications myself from my local retail pharmacy. However, when I enrolled in Curant’s  personalized  medication management services, I received my medications when and where I needed them, and in a way I did not expect: through free home delivery. Needless to say, it was a service I greatly appreciated.

Another valued service I received from Curant had to do with financial assistance. I enrolled with Curant and changed my insurance coverage simultaneously, but unfortunately, I misplaced my new insurance paperwork. Since I was due for a refill, my patient care coordinator, Kimberly, called to verify my information. At that time I explained my insurance dilemma to Kimberly, who assured me she would work to help resolve the issue. Next thing I know, Kimberly called me back saying she had taken care of everything. Turns out, she contacted my insurance company and collected the required paperwork needed in order for me to fill my refill without missing a single dose! I was very thankful.

You don’t meet too many people who will go out of their way to get you something that’s necessary for you to live.

I am very happy that I found out about the services provided by Curant Health. Thank you for what you do for me.

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