DiabetesAmerica patient Marissa shares her story


Anger leads to denial after childhood diagnosis

Marissa was only a child when she learned that she was pre-diabetic. From age 8 until 18, she went to a children’s center in Dallas every 3-6 months to monitor her condition.  When she reached 18, years of anger and frustration about being pre-diabetic came to a head, and Marissa stopped going for regular visits.

“Do you want to leave your seven siblings behind?”

Marissa avoided managing her condition for several years until April 2016.  That’s when she got very sick and landed in an urgent care facility with an extremely swollen stomach and shortness of breath. She was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes shortly thereafter.  When the doctor learned that Marissa had not been monitoring her health, he said something to her that stopped her in her tracks: “Do you want to leave your seven siblings behind?  That is exactly what will happen if you don’t proactively manage your diabetes.”

Successful diabetes management requires finding the right partners

Marissa decided on the spot that she would take better care of herself.  She found providers she trusted at DiabetesAmerica and was prescribed daily insulin. Getting her medication and testing supplies, however, was challenging after a change in the in-house pharmacy.  Her medications were shipped late, and several times she ran out of medicine or test strips before her next shipment arrived.  At one point her patient record was switched for someone else’s.  When the pharmacy called to confirm the medications that were due for refills, the caller from the pharmacy listed medications that Marissa wasn’t taking and hadn’t been prescribed.

Marissa made the decision to enroll in the personalized medication management program at Curant Health. “Since day 1 I have never had an issue.  Curant always makes sure I have my medication and testing supplies in time,” she says.  She likes receiving medication shipment and delivery notices so that she can track her medication, and she also appreciates not having to be present to sign for deliveries.  “Having the delivery information and not having to be at home when my medicine arrives puts me in control.”

“I have recommended personalized medication management from Curant Health for my grandparents, too.”

When asked if she would recommend the medication management program at Curant Health for any of her friends or family, Marissa replied, “I already have.”  She explained that she has recommended the service to her grandfather, who also has type 2 diabetes, as well as to her grandmother. Marissa continued,

“Curant Health has been the best resource for my diabetes. I have used so many pharmacies where I didn’t know where my meds were or when I was going to get them. Or if I was even going to get them. Curant has been tremendous and a real blessing. Curant Health has saved my life. Thank you.”

From all of us at Curant Health, thank you, Marissa, for trusting us with your care, and we can think of no higher vote of confidence than recommending our services to your grandparents. We look forward to partnering with you on your healthcare journey for many years to come.

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