Celebrating Our Patient: Londyn


Recently, we invited our shared Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) patient, Londyn E., to Curant Health’s Georgia office for our Celebrating Our Patients, patient appreciation day. During her visit, Londyn arrived with her mother, father and siblings. Londyn’s mother highlighted her own appreciation towards meeting her one-year-old daughter’s entire Curant care team, face to face.

Londyn’s mother explained, “It’s very surreal to finally meet my daughter’s patient care coordinator, Sara! I’m so used to talking with her every month on the phone, but I’m happy to tell Sara thank you for everything, here in person.

Londyn’s mother explained the trials and barriers they faced, when she first noticed that something wasn’t quite right with her daughter’s health. “I kept looking at my child and seeing that her skin color looked a little off and noticing that she wasn’t acting like a happy baby. She was constantly feeling sick and lethargic, for weeks at a time. I took her to CHOA and told the doctor something was wrong.”

After several tests, it was concluded that Londyn’s liver was failing her and she needed a transplant. Subsequently, Londyn received her transplant a few weeks later.

Londyn’s mother described the after care she had to provide to her daughter and its impact on the family’s day to day activities. “After returning from the hospital, Londyn had to stay in bed around the clock. It took a lot of time to build up her energy and have her acting as any infant would. My husband and I had to balance taking care of our other children, while providing the 24 hour post-surgery care Londyn desperately needed.” Due to the constant care Londyn required, her mother was not able to leave the house for weeks, making it difficult to pick up her transplant medication multiple times a month.

Due to the successful partnership Curant Health has with CHOA, Londyn’s mother was introduced to Curant along with the personalized medication services Londyn could receive.

When I found out about Curant, the first thing I thought was how helpful it would be to have my daughter’s medications delivered to us, with no hassle and no fuss. The fact that it came with Sara and phone call reminders was a bonus. It was one less thing for me to worry about, which was amazing, because all my time and energy was focus solely on caring for my baby. “

Londyn has been a Curant patient for a year and her mother states that, “I will always appreciate the relationship I’ve formed with Londyn’s PCC, Sara and the care Curant continuously ensures Londyn receives.”

Londyn’s mother was proud to report that Londyn now lives an energetic life, full of laughs, smiles and good health.

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Kristin Lindsey
Sr. Marketing Director