Close gaps in care

Using customized care plans and direct, personalized patient connections, we close the gaps in patient care. Our expertise allows our partners to offload much of the heavy lifting by complementing their clinical outreach and member support staff.

  • We have consistently demonstrated 5-Star Ratings in three adherence quality measures
  • We delivered Total Cost of Care savings of $1,422,462.80 including a 43.2% decrease in all cause medical spend for our partner, Virginia Premier

Customized partnership model

We create unique, targeted solutions for each partner that are designed to generate results and address issues like:

  • Which members have gaps in their care that can be closed by increased engagement? Which provider groups serve these members? How engaged with you are the providers?
  • Where would the greatest impact be made with complimentary, targeted programs?
  • Which performance measures do you need to improve – Star ratings? NPS? Utilization?

Measurable results

Our patient value model delivers results that matter to you. By supporting our patients with a clinically-validated care management program, we helped our partner, Chattanooga CARES, achieve a key quality metric. Our model provides:

  • Improved patient engagement
  • Maximum provider engagement
  • Optimal plan performance
  • Actionable program data

To learn more about how we deliver value for patients and partners,
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