Curant Health provides a direct care component as part of our technology platform. They are the living hand extending the reach of our digital solutions.

— Kwaku Ampromfi, CEO GoGoHealth


Healthcare technology that does not ultimately reach the patient is simply “technology.” At Curant Health, we are focused on ensuring our patients are the beneficiaries of technology’s integration in the healthcare continuum.

Curant Health enables digital and web-based services to become true healthcare technologies by providing complimentary clinical care and services that expand the reach of the service to the patient. Since our founding in 2000, Curant Health has used technology and telehealth to deconstruct the traditional care model and build a new model that aims to bring care to the patient. Curant Health is the living extension of a more robust, technology-driven care model.

National Leader in Pharma-analytics

Curant Health is committed to using technology within our organization, and we are national thought leaders in the field of pharma-analytics. In addition, Curant Health is scheduled to release a line of advanced mobile technologies for our patients and healthcare partners that will leverage our cutting edge medication management protocols. These will provide additional channels to connect patients and providers and will further improve our patients’ healthcare journeys.

Personal Health Data Ownership Through our Patient Engagement Platform

Our easy-to-use patient engagement platform was designed based on a simple yet fundamental idea: patients who are better informed and more educated possess greater motivation for self-care and are able to make better healthcare decisions.  Our portal is an integrated, HIPAA-compliant health platform arms patients and care teams with personal health data, tracks compliance with doctors’ care plans and includes clinical support modules from professionals.


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