Scott Zepp

Brother suffers from neurological disease

Scott Zepp has served as Curant Health’s Executive Vice President and co-founder since inception of the company in May of 2000. Scott coordinates projects for business development and marketing with a strong emphasis on communication, integrity and quality patient care. Dedicated to ensuring superior patient outcomes, he brings to Curant a passion for improving lives through a coordinated team approach of patient, provider and medication therapy management.

Scott has over 30 years of entrepreneurial business development, marketing and finance experience. Specializing in the healthcare sector, Scott has developed and grown multiple businesses including home medical equipment and specialty pharmacy services. Scott served in the United States Air Force/Reserves as a Flight Engineer for 8 years.

“Family, Friends and Health are the most valuable things in life. After watching my own brother struggle with his SCA for many years, I understand first hand that patients living with chronic diseases want and need more in terms of care, support and guidance. Curant Health is dedicated to providing the compassionate, personalized support that patients and caregivers deserve. Our goal is to engage and educate our patients about their health and the benefits of an adherent medication regimen. It is very rewarding to provide these valued services for our patients and their support team,” said Scott.