Patrick Dunham

Mother has rheumatoid arthritis

Patrick Dunham has served as Curant Health’s chairman, chief executive and president since co-founding the company in May of 2000. Under Patrick’s leadership, Curant Health has created an integrated care delivery model providing true patient medication management. Prior to founding Curant Health, Patrick served as commercial manager for Rockwell Automation’s industrial computer division as well as regional director of operations for Sun Healthcare Group.

Patrick’s philosophy of how to optimize outcomes for chronically ill patients includes integrating clinical expertise, proven technologies and personal care into their medication therapy regimen. This philosophy led to the development of Curant Health’s enhanced care protocols. Curant Health improves health care quality, patient outcomes and reduces costs for health care systems and insurers.

Patrick’s leadership, passion for improving the lives of those with chronic illnesses and role in successful daily operations are all contributing factors in his being named a finalist for the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2018 Southeast award.

“I have spent my career supporting patients with chronic disease state challenges. I’ve experienced firsthand my mother struggling with debilitating rheumatoid arthritis for many years. I know what a toll it can take on a person and their family. Curant Health is guided on the simple principal that we care. Curant Health’s corporate culture instills the attitude that every employee should guide their actions by the response to the question, ‘What would I do if this patient were my grandmother?’ It is this culture that has led our company to become a national healthcare industry leader.”