Pankaj Patel

Grandmother has Type 2 diabetes

Pankaj is one of the founding members of Curant Health. A graduate of the University of Houston Pharmacy School, he has been a practicing pharmacist for over 30 years. Along with the other founding members, Pankaj is focused on bringing to life his vision of creating a progressive medication management company.

As medication usage has increased, healthcare has turned to pharmacists to manage complex drug regimens to resolve and prevent medication-related problems. Pankaj has been instrumental in Curant Health taking the lead in medication therapy management optimization to monitor and improve outcomes associated with chronic diseases states and to provide drug information consultations to healthcare providers.

“I enjoy helping our patients understand their medications to get the most out of their therapy. When my grandmother was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, it was a family effort to help her with her daily medication and testing. Our collaborative effort ensured my grandmother kept to medication regimen so that she could be as healthy as possible. The good feeling I got from helping my grandmother is similar to what I experience every day at Curant. It’s rewarding when patients trust me enough to ask questions and listen to my advice.”