The best part about Curant Health for me is the free home delivery. Before I started using their services, I wasn’t taking my medication regularly because I never felt well enough to go pick it up. Now I enjoy a convenience that I’ve never had before.

— Valerie S., Atlanta, GA

Curant Health’s high-touch MTM program, is led by clinical pharmacists

We are experts in understanding the whole patient and how chronic disease(s) may be affecting the patient and their quality of life.

Curant Health offers a comprehensive, integrated patient-provider-pharmacy program that offers a number of benefits to facilitate treatment initiation and to provide the best possible health outcomes for patients in five areas: Communication, Care, Connection, Cure, and Consistency. To learn more, visit C the Cure.

A recent post on PhRMA outlined some of the societal costs of FAILURE in Hep C treatment (HCV) that have been left out of the recent media focus on the cost of newer therapies shown to achieve nearly perfect HCV cure rates. There is no doubt that taking a proactive approach to managing chronic disease is more cost-effective than managing co-morbidities and complications that occur after an individual has been living with a chronic disease for multiple years.  This is especially true in the case of hepatitis C as diagnosing, treating, and ensuring a patient is adherent to medications optimizes the chance that the patient can now be fully cured of the disease. The cost of confronting HCV head-on is significantly less than the cost of managing advanced liver disease that progressed from failure to treat in the early stages.

In early 2014, Curant Health launched an enhanced Medication Therapy Management (MTM) program specifically tailored for hep C treatment.  Curant Health’s C the Cure program works with a patient to obtain their understanding of hepatitis C as well as the hep C treatment regimen. Once the patient is fully informed of their disease state and therapy, our program goes above and beyond to support the patient in adhering to their medications and accomplish being cured of HCV.

Curant Health reports that its C The Cure program produces sustained virological response (SVR12) in 89.7% of program patients at 12 weeks post treatment. SVR12 is the medical term associated with successful hepatitis C treatment outcomes.

Rather than repeatedly focusing simply on the cost of blockbuster hepatitis C medications, it would be more productive to shift the discussion to include more detail on the cost benefits of the positive health outcomes these new medications offer.  We now have the opportunity to cure patients of what was once a chronic, lifelong disease.  Moving forward, it is imperative that we broaden the discussion to focus on partnering in healthcare to successfully manage and cure hepatitis C at a fraction of the cost of treating co-morbidities and complications that will undoubtedly arise as the disease progresses.   The American Liver Foundation states that HCV-associated cirrhosis is the leading cause of liver transplants in the U.S.  Preemptively effective hep C treatment will significantly decrease the rates of advanced liver disease, thereby lowering the number of liver transplants and reducing healthcare costs.  In the long run, the cost of effective hep C treatment far outweighs what we will all eventually pay for HCV-related liver failure, liver transplants and other complications.

To learn more about Curant Health’s C the Cure™ program, including prior authorization assistance, contact Kristin Lindsey, at (770) 437-8040, extension 253 or