At Curant Health we take patient satisfaction seriously

We actively seek feedback from our patients, as it is our intent to ensure we understand their needs and provide them with exceptional service on their health journeys.

Recently, we conducted patient satisfaction surveys with shared patients from Internal Medicine Specialists in Louisiana, including Calvin, Lillie and David. Below are excerpts from our surveys.


“To be honest, I already have told people about you at the dialysis center I go to.

You know, dialysis sometimes makes your brain a little foggy, and it takes like 2-3 days to realize some things. As we’re getting older it’s hard to remember medications and such. I think it’s excellent what you all are doing. I use to have a kit for my medications and now that I have the packets I don’t have to do that anymore. You simplify the whole process!”

Calvin G.


“I think your program is great for senior citizens like myself.

We are forgetful sometimes. I don’t have a car, so I really like that they drop off my medications at my door. It’s so much better for me, because before, I would have to get someone to drive me to the drug store.”

Lillie S.


“I would recommend Curant Health!

I have really bad memory problems and have to take a memory pill and once, my wife was in the hospital and I didn’t know what to take. I had to pour all my medications out and then bring them to the hospital to figure out what to take. [I think] this is perfect for me.”

David W.

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