The pros and cons of rising specialty drug costs

The increase of specialty drug costs is something that cannot be denied or ignored. According to a study done by the Kaiser Family Foundation and Truven Health Analytics, prescription drug spending accounts for 10% of the national spending on healthcare. The percentage is even higher for self-insured employers. Let’s talk about the two consequences, one… read more

Ways managed care executives can impact medication spending

Medication is getting pricier. We know the facts – the Kaiser Family Foundation and Truven Health Analytics calculate prescription drug spending at 10% of the total national health spend. Want to hear an even more shocking statistic? Drug spending alone in employer health plans tops out at a whopping 19% of total spend. There is… read more

What we’re looking forward to at the 2016 340B Winter Conference

Every winter 340B Health  brings key healthcare stakeholders together to discuss new 340B program developments, brainstorm and network at the 340B Coalition Winter Conference.  This event provides a terrific forum for education, discussion and insight into what’s working well with the program and where there are opportunities for improvement. As a leader in personalized medication… read more

What’s Missing: J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference 2016

The J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference 2016 will arguably rank as the largest business of healthcare conference scheduled anywhere in the world this year. Although there have already been numerous reviews and takeaways regarding the conference, I’d like to share with you the top three topics absent from this year’s conference. What is the most needed that we didn’t… read more

Building a Better Patient Journey

Curant’s Managing Director of Operations, Dave Cunnold, is featured in Managed Healthcare Executive providing insight on the evolution of the healthcare experience for patients with chronic conditions. The successful patient journey has evolved due to the transition to value-based care and the need to drive better health outcomes. What works now is an approach that is… read more

Who’s ready to go “at risk” and win at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference 2016?

Every year, the business of healthcare gathers en mass at the annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference. What will we learn? What will we hear? What will be missing? Sadly, I do not believe we will learn or hear anything of substance, especially when it comes to patient care. This conference is about the healthcare business,… read more

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