Curant Health Award Recognizes Outstanding Team Member

Tracey Childs, our newest Curant Cares award winner! Congratulations to Tracey Childs, Office Administrator in our Georgia location, for being nominated as our third recipient of the Curant Cares Award! Tracey takes her responsibilities toward our patients and our Curant team members to the next level of helpfulness, assistance and value. Tracey goes above and… read more

The struggle for alignment in the pharmaceutical industry remains. Will Armada 2016 accelerate our drive to value?

Prior to Armada 2015, my colleagues and I spoke about the dire need for greater alignment among all stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry. While there have been some advancements in this regard over the past 12 months, they are painfully slow and need acceleration. Within their individual silos, manufacturers and payers continue delivering for their… read more

Three Ways the Patient Experience is Changing

There is a change underway in the specialty pharmacy patient experience. First and foremost, the patient and the patient’s direct care team – providers, clinicians and specialists – are focused on putting patient outcomes above anything else. Why? It’s simple: the costs associated with not attaining improved patient outcomes have a domino effect on all players… read more

How medication adherence affects the $3 billion wasted drop in the well

The backstory The relationship between medication adherence and wasted healthcare spend is generally uncomplicated in nature; one component can negatively or positively impact the other. In reality, when medication adherence is improved, the amount in wasted healthcare spend long-term is lowered. When news broke recently that $3 billion is wasted on cancer drugs every year… read more

These are the top items that influence medication spend: Item 4 needs your immediate attention

There are a number of items that influence medication spend, including specialty drug costs, medication adherence and patient outcomes. However, there’s another item out there that may be driving up medication cost unnecessarily. What we know There are 3 well-known drivers that contribute to medication spending in the U.S.: Massive increase in number and cost… read more

The effects of a pharmacist-led medication management program for patients on highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART)

Curant Health President and CEO, Patrick Dunham, and Curant Health pharmacist, Jeffrey Karkula, RPh, BS Pharm, recently conducted a study to identify the benefits of a comprehensive pharmacy care program and to increase adherence for patients taking highly active antiretroviral therapy or (HAART) and assess the effect on the patient’s overall health outcome. There are… read more

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