Four ingredients needed for effective value-based pharma contracts

Value-based contracts between pharmaceutical manufacturers and payers are a fast-growing, new development that is here to stay. These pharma contracts put in place a reward system – higher payment rates – in exchange for demonstrably improved patient outcomes. This type of agreement is intended to reward healthcare value over volume. Some outcomes can be measured… read more

Cancer: what is the outlook for the newest chronic illness?

As medical cures advance, the umbrella covering chronic conditions does, too. Increasingly, the future of cancer treatment, with increased numbers of immunotherapies and oral oncolytics, will begin to emulate treatments for chronic illnesses. Along with this progress come big questions, like when, if ever will it be safe for a cancer patient to stop treatment?… read more

Learnings from the 2016 Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit

This year the Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit, previously known as the Armada Specialty Pharmacy Summit, left us with some key learnings. Here are four of my takeaways from Armada, nay, Asembia 2016: The absence of the PBMs was noticeable and curious. There were two PBMs with noticeably sparse attendance at this year’s gathering – Express… read more

What have we learned from high-cost hepatitis C medications?

What we’ve learned from the introduction of high-cost hepatitis C drugs should be used for effective stakeholder alignment and the rollout of future curative therapies: The development of Sovaldi, Harvoni and other leading-edge therapies for hepatitis C was driven in large part by payer and patient demands for drugs with proven cure rates. Manufacturers responded… read more

Curant Health Reports 89.7% Real-World Hepatitis C Cure Rates in Co-Infected Patients

Curant Health President and CEO, Patrick Dunham, and Director of Clinical Services, Vickie Andros, discuss our C the Cure program hepatitis c cure rate for co-infected HIV and hepatitis C patients. Access assistance and MTM protocols key to successfully curing hepatitis C in co-infected patients. For a cohort of hepatitis C and HIV co-infected patients, Curant Health reports… read more

Five Technology Improvements the World of Healthcare Needs

When it comes to value-based care, the technology surrounding healthcare information is not at 100%. There is opportunity for improvement in the following ways: More advanced patient facing Health Information Technology (HIT) Advanced HIT tools are now able to pinpoint the gaps in patient information narrowed down to specific moments in care. Not only can… read more

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