How to create a value-based care algorithm that works for everyone

When asked about proportionate stakeholder responsibility – payer, provider, patient, pharmacy – in developing a value-based algorithm in healthcare, is there a singular answer? The short answer, single payer system notwithstanding, is that all stakeholders must share responsibility on cost-versus-cure decision points. A more revealing pair of questions to ask is how long is going… read more

Curant Health: treating patients like family

Curant Health is so much more than a specialty pharmacy. We treat our patients like family and are personally invested in nurturing long-term patient-care team relationships. So what makes us different? Start with the high touch, patient-centric support we offer to all of our patients. We use data to help clinicians and payers identify which… read more

Curant Health’s Patient Fulfillment Model and its Impact on Medication Adherence for IBD Patients at Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Sharon Dudley-Brown and Vickie Andros, PharmD, present study results at ACG 2016  At Curant Health, proving the value of our medication therapy management protocols and patient support services is paramount to our mission of improving lives and outcomes for patients with chronic conditions.  As such, we want to express enthusiastic congratulations to Dr. Sharon… read more

How can CMS help ease the transition to value-based care?

The fee-for-service design of the healthcare industry has been the standard for the last 50-75 years. The simple fact remains that many stakeholders are still heavily invested in prolonging its tenure, even as irreversible steps are taken to ensure its eventual demise. As we make the inevitable transition to value-based care, certain questions still need… read more


The FDA has programs in place to focus on the development and designations for new specialty drugs. The problem is that high prices are being paid for drugs that don’t come with a graded, tested and proven high outcomes guarantee. The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) evaluates evidence on the value of medical… read more

How do you weigh cost versus cure in hepatitis C treatment with high cost drugs?

When discussing high cost drugs proven to cure a specific illness, such as hepatitis C treatment, it’s important to keep the following in mind: All stakeholders – manufacturers, pharmacy benefit managers, pharmacies, payers and business owners – want a say in determining the cost of certain drugs because they all assume a certain level of… read more

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