From Volume to Healthcare Value: A three-part checklist

How should Medicare providers and ACOs prepare for the shift from fee-for-service to value-based pay? Under a new proposal from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the shift away from fee-for-service to value-based pay in the public healthcare realm is at last becoming real. According to an HHS press release issued January 26,… read more

2015 – The year that all healthcare stakeholders are compensated on delivering patient value

  The healthcare headline I’d most like to see This is the one big healthcare headline I would like to see make the news this year.    And I can think of no better way to align all healthcare stakeholders than to eliminate once and for all the widely despised, unenforceable, underfunded Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate… read more

What I learned at the 2015 J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

What is the “healthcare business?” More importantly, what ISN’T? I had an epiphany while at the J.P. Morgan 33rd Annual Healthcare Conference last month in San Francisco. The vast majority of the CEOs presenting and the companies they serve and represent are truly in the “Healthcare Business.” The epiphany I had was simply that Curant Health… read more

Clinical Pharmacists: An Often Untapped Resource for Patients

The Physician Time Crunch The data is disturbing.  Despite advancements in technology, physicians spend less time with patients than ever before.  According to a study published in The Journal of General Internal Medicine in 2013, doctors now spend an average of eight minutes with each of their patients daily, equating to about 12% of their… read more

Pharmacists Provide Care

What does your pharmacist do for you? For most the answer is simple: “they fill my medications.” A Curant Health patient has a very different answer: “they fill my medications, guide me step-by-step through my treatment, follow up with my refill reminders, answer my questions on a 24/7 basis and contact my physician or insurance… read more

Curant Health Expands 340B Partnerships in Fight against HIV

Curant Health welcomes new partners in Georgia and Florida Curant Health is pleased to start the New Year by expanding our services in our home states of Georgia and Florida. Although we operate on a national basis with partners throughout the United States, there is a particular gratification in gaining new patients within our home… read more

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