Walk with Curant for cures and HIV treatment

We’ve talked about who we are: Curant Health is a team of healthcare experts who provide individualized, patient-centered services proven to deliver improved health outcomes. We’ve talked about what we bring to the healthcare table, including the improved outcomes we’ve demonstrated in HIV treatment and diabetes. Now it’s time to talk about ways we enjoy… read more

What biopharmaceutical manufacturers really want in network partnerships

As the creation of new drugs for chronic illness progresses, we ask ourselves certain questions when thinking from a biopharmaceutical manufacturer point of view: What key points do biopharmaceutical manufacturers consider when evaluating specialty pharmacy partners for distribution networks? What capabilities do they prioritize most highly? What factors benefit patients the most? Three metrics come… read more

The 80/20 Rule of Healthcare Spending

There’s an 80/20 rule when it comes to healthcare – 80% of healthcare cost comes from 20% of the populace, the chronically ill. According to the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, healthcare spend in the United States is expected to eclipse $4 trillion this year. Take an estimated population of 319 million into consideration; that… read more

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Look for Proven Results in Network Partners

For two days last month in Philadelphia, experts from pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmacy benefit managers, and specialty pharmacists mingled in an open exchange of information and education at the 2nd Annual Summit on Specialty Distribution and Channel Optimization. There was a lot of talk around the intricacies of open, limited, and closed networks — but since… read more

Learnings from this year’s 340B Summer Conference

340B Health always does a great job bringing together key healthcare stakeholder voices at the annual 340B summer conference.  This event provides a terrific forum for education, discussion and insight into what’s working well with the program and where there are opportunities for improvement. This year it seemed the overall industry discussion around the program had… read more

How to reduce avoidable healthcare cost through innovative medication management and enhanced MTM

In his latest Managed Healthcare Executive article, Curant Health COO, Marc O’Connor, discusses how to reduce avoidable healthcare costs through the use of innovative medication management with enhanced MTM.  There is one certainty in the healthcare industry: there will always be high costs. Fortunately, a large portion of current healthcare spending is avoidable, and all… read more

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