The top 4 things you should know about the state of HIV treatment

What are the new questions regarding HIV treatment? When it comes to hepatitis C, Gilead drugs Harvoni and Sovaldi have validated their value-based care.  If faced with the options of spending $577,000 on a liver transplant or $94,500 on a course of Harvoni for hepatitis C, it’s a no brainer which option is more favorable…. read more

New Curant Cares Award Recognizes Employee Morale

For employees at Curant Health, caring for patients is a fundamental job role. Advocating on behalf of our patients, verifying and collaborating with insurance payors to ensure accurate flow of information and medication coverage are all daily responsibilities that require a high degree of care and compassion. At Curant Health, we witness our employees dutifully… read more

The Who and What of ACG 2015

ACG 2015 was a remarkable mixture of clinicians, manufacturers and medical device companies focused on the sharing the new processes, drugs and technology targeted to the gastroenterology space. In addition to IBD-related topics, hepatitis c and new medication therapies were the topic of much discussion. As expected, clinicians provided most of this year’s most valuable conference… read more

How to smooth the patient access path to life-altering therapies

The newly approved PCSK9 inhibitors are a major advance in cholesterol-lowering drug therapy.  Gregory Curfman, MD and Editor in Chief of Harvard Health Publications, has said that this advanced therapy may just rewrite the script for treating patients with chronic high cholesterol. However, this same therapy promises to further raise the stakes in the ongoing match… read more

3 reasons to stop bashing biopharmaceutical manufacturers

“Biopharmaceutical manufacturers have been taking it on the chin lately as prices continue to skyrocket. The battery continues as candidates vying for their respective party’s nomination for the 2016 presidential campaign take their positions. As Chris Seper reported via Matthew Herper at Forbes, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both identified the biopharmaceutical industry as their… read more

Key considerations in negotiating at-risk contracts

All healthcare stakeholders are aware the day is coming when pharma manufacturers will need to go at-risk in order to secure inclusion of their high-cost drugs in plan formularies.  This shouldn’t be viewed as simply a unilateral opportunity to force price concessions from manufacturers.  Rather, this is an opportunity to place patient outcomes squarely in… read more

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