Healthcare in 2015 review, 2016 expectations

As 2015 winds down, this would be an opportune time to look at learnings from the last year within the healthcare industry, as well as the future insights from healthcare stakeholders. Curant Health COO, Marc O’Connor, gives his insights on developments providers, manufacturers and payers have seen this year and where future developments will take them… read more

Improving HIV Care & Medication Management Where It’s Needed Most

At the end of 2010, the American South accounted for 45% of the estimated 33,015 new AIDS diagnoses in the 50 states and the District of Columbia, followed by the Northeast (24%), the West (19%), and the Midwest (13%).1 On the front lines of this epidemic, The University of Alabama-Birmingham 1917 Clinic serves more than… read more

2016 Trends in top therapies, including HIV treatments

Recently, there has been buzz on the top therapeutic areas to watch for in the healthcare world in 2016. In a recent edition of Managed Healthcare Executive, Curant COO Marc O’Connor gives his perspective on a few upcoming hot healthcare hot topics for next year. Prominent categories of healthcare quickly becoming the center of attention… read more

Curant Health on GPB, Our Prescription for Growth

Recently, Curant COO Marc O’Connor spoke with Renay San Miguel from Georgia Public Broadcasting on the Curant’s prescription for growth. In addition to its superior patient care model, with an established 98% retention rate, Curant’s financial success has caught the attention of industry leaders. Since its inception in 2000, Curant has been recognized by industry… read more

340B & HIV Treatment: The Lifesaving Story of Robert W.

Presenting with a CD4 count of only 21, doctors gave Robert W. mere months to live. Weighing only 98 pounds, his HIV had progressed to Stage 3 AIDS, and he was on his deathbed. Robert had been prescribed seven different HIV medications and had a long history of struggling with his HIV treatment compliance due… read more

Dear Biopharma Manufacturers: Your At-Risk Day Has Arrived

The writing has been on the wall from some time. The push for value-based care has had a domino effect on biopharmaceutical manufacturers. The new industry trend will be for them to go “at-risk” in negotiations with payers and PBMs for new high-cost specialty therapies. Factors that increase the need for biopharma manufacturers to go… read more

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