What we learned at FLACCOs 2017

Here’s a hint: It’s mostly about why ACO leadership should attend FLAACOs 2018. CMS recently reported that more than 400 ACOs participating in the Medicare Shared Savings Program generated $652 million in gross savings in 2016. While that is an encouraging number to be sure, some ACOs still struggle to identify and implement investment and… read more

Improving the provision of value: FLAACOs 2017

By definition, accountable care organizations are the tip of the spear in the transition from fee-for-service to value-based care by tying payments to quality metrics and the cost of care. Did you know there are 16 quality performance standards by which ACOs are evaluated tied to medication adherence, education and the medication management team? Through… read more

Sharon Dudley-Brown on improving the standard of chronic care management for IBD patients

Video: Positively impacting outcomes through pharmacist-led chronic care management for IBD patients. Johns Hopkins Medicine and Curant Health are in the midst of a unique, 24-month project examining the impact of medication adherence and chronic care management for IBD patients. This ‘first of its kind’ pilot examines adherence impacts for all medications, not just one… read more

Accountable Care Organizations: Improve chronic care and unlock shared savings through medication management

Only 30 percent of the 480 Medicare Shared Savings Program Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) earned shared savings in a meaningful amount in 2015, a percentage that only rose to 56% in 2016. Yes, it is a complex endeavor. But given 16 of the quality performance standards for ACOs are tied to medication adherence, the role of… read more

Partnering to deliver proactive, impactful care coordination: VCU ID Clinic and Curant Health

Matthew Bare, Assistant Director VCU Ryan White Program, recently shared with us a few of the top ways Curant Health fills gaps in care coordination for providers of all types including 340B covered entities and university hospitals. “VCU ID Clinic partnered with Curant Health four years ago and during that time, I have really come… read more

Curant Health: Your 340B Compliance Partner

Since 2009, Curant Health has offered 340B contract pharmacy services and medication management support programs to partnered 340B covered entities on more than 25 HRSA audits and client self-assessments. Curant has a robust audit services program designed to provide superior compliance support. Our 340B audit services program built on three fundamentals: Deep experience We have… read more

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