Curant Health gives time back to Barbara and Dorothy


“My mother and I no longer live together, but we are about ten minutes away from each other. My father passed away in 2014, and I have become my mother’s primary care giver.”

-Barbara (Dorothy’s daughter)

Dorothy lives in the southern region of Mississippi and was introduced to Curant Health through her son, Barbara’s brother. Dorothy has several chronic illnesses, including a heart condition, and her medication regime consists of an average of two dozen medications taken on a daily basis.

After joining the Curant Health family in 2015, Dorothy’s daughter, Barbara, immediately noticed positive changes that affected not only her routine as primary caregiver, but her mother’s as well; Barbara immediately gained more time. Previously, when Dorothy’s daughter came to visit each Sunday, shared time for relaxing with her family was stolen; instead, Barbara spent her entire visit separating Dorothy’s medications and taking care of her other medication needs. In fact, Barbara revealed that  in addition to separating and organizing her mother’s medications, she would spend up to two hours a week traveling back and forth to their local pharmacy to request and pick up numerous prescription refills.

“I was so used to how things were, and it kind of felt like a job. It felt like we were losing the visitation portion of our weekly visits.  It felt like I went to see my mother only so I could work.”

One service in particular brought an immediate positive effect to Barbara and Dorothy’s lives:  the personalization of presorted bubble packs.

“It’s really simple! It has been much easier not having to deal with all the bottles. Now we have more time to actually visit my mother and really visit with her.”

In addition to freeing up her time, Barbara has built a relationship with Dorothy’s patient care coordinator, Sheli. The monthly routine calls provide Barbara with a sense of security, knowing that any issues are researched and resolved by Sheli and the rest of Dorothy’s care team.

“It’s nice to get that call and to have that communication with someone like Sheli who will straighten out anything that could become an issue with my mother’s medication and care.”

Now, thanks to the personalized medication management services from Curant Health, Dorothy and Barbara have more time to devote to one another and make the most out of their family visits.

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