The Curant Health story

The Curant Health Collaborative Care Model delivers value

Founded in 2000, Curant Health treats tens of thousands of patients throughout the United States every year through its medication management and care management protocols. Focused on driving improved outcomes through medication adherence, Curant’s healthcare professionals provide personalized care proven to improve the lives of the most difficult to treat, chronically ill patients.

With us, it’s personal

Successfully managing chronic diseases is personal for the founders of Curant Health. Each of the company’s founders has family members diagnosed with at least one chronic illness. Their family members’ experiences highlighted a need for a healthcare approach that treats the whole patient – their parents, siblings, nieces and nephews – not just the chronic conditions. With their combined 75 years of healthcare experience, they knew that chronic disease state patients need and want more support. Over time, it became clear that pharmacists were the healthcare providers best suited to fill the gaps in chronic patient care.

It turns out that the same patient care processes identified by the founders as working well for their own families also works to achieve success for thousands of other patients.

And the proof our model works

Curant’s programs are shown through real world peer-reviewed studies to increase medication adherence and reduce hospital admissions.

The Curant Health Patient Care Model

Improved adherence in Inflammatory Bowel Disease population

We engaged in an ongoing landmark clinical trial with Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine to evaluate long-term adherence rates and patient outcomes through the implementation of an IBD MTM patient fulfillment model. Study results showed 30% better adherence in the intervention arm than in the control arm of the study.

Statistically significant increase in HIV viral suppression rates

In a cohort of approximately 600 HIV-infected patients at the University of Alabama, Birmingham who were enrolled with Curant Health, there was a statistically significant increase in the proportion of patients with a suppressed HIV viral load. Of approximately 150 patients who were not virally suppressed prior to enrollment with Curant Health, 66% were virally suppressed at follow-up after enrollment.

Reduced hospital admissions

We partnered with Purdue University College of Pharmacy and Amedisys, the largest home health care provider in the country at the time, in a nationwide study on hospital admissions. The study validated that the Curant Health patient support program provides for a dramatic reduction in hospital readmission rates and drives improved positive health outcomes.

Industry Recognition

Today Curant is a team of healthcare experts who provide individualized, patient-centered services including medication management and care management programs. Over 60% of our team is comprised of clinical professionals whose daily work directly impacts patient outcomes.