At Curant Health, I am on a first name basis with the person who takes care of my medication. Together we explore ways to help me lower or eliminate my co-pays, and more important make sure that I am taking my medication on time every month.

— John B., St. Petersburg, FL

The Curant Health Executive Team

Valuing Patients & Partners for Life

For patients, this means personal investment in nurturing long term patient-caregiver relationships. For our partners, this represents a commitment to work every day, using the best people, technology and tools, to produce unsurpassed outcomes for patients and partners.


Patrick Dunham, President and CEO

Mother has rheumatoid arthritis

Patrick Dunham has served as Curant Health’s chairman, chief executive and president since co-founding the company in May of 2000. Under Patrick’s leadership, Curant Health has created an integrated care delivery model providing true patient medication management. Prior to founding Curant Health, Patrick served as commercial manager for Rockwell Automation’s industrial computer division as well as regional director of operations for Sun Healthcare Group. His vast knowledge of healthcare information technology led to the creation of MedPlan™, a highly effective electronic medical record keeping system at Curant Health.

Patrick’s philosophy of how to optimize outcomes for chronically ill patients includes integrating clinical expertise, personal care, and proven technologies into their medication therapy regimens led to the development of Curant Health’s enhanced care system. Curant Health improves healthcare quality, patient outcomes and reduces costs for health care systems and insurers.

Combined with this leadership, passion for improving the lives of those with chronic illnesses and an active role in daily operations, Patrick has positioned Curant Health as a true leader in the medication therapy management and healthcare fields.

“I have spent my career supporting patients with chronic disease state challenges. I’ve experienced firsthand my mother struggling with debilitating rheumatoid arthritis for many years. I know what a toll it can take on a person and their family. Curant Health is guided on the simple principal that we care. Curant Health’s corporate culture instills the attitude that every employee should guide their actions by the response to the question, ‘What would I do if this patient were my grandmother?’ It is this culture that has led our company to become a national healthcare industry leader.”

Scott Zepp, Executive Vice President and Co-Founder

Brother suffers from Neurological Disease

Scott Zepp has served as Curant Health’s Executive Vice President and co-founder since inception of the company in May of 2000. Scott coordinates projects for business development and marketing with a strong emphasis on communication, integrity and quality patient care. Dedicated to ensuring superior patient outcomes, he brings to Curant a passion for improving lives through a coordinated team approach of patient, provider and medication therapy management.

Scott has over 30 years of entrepreneurial business development, marketing and finance experience. Specializing in the healthcare sector, Scott has developed and grown multiple businesses including home medical equipment and specialty pharmacy services. Scott served in the United States Air Force/Reserves as a Flight Engineer for 8 years.

“Family, Friends and Health are the most valuable things in life.  After watching my own brother struggle with his SCA for many years, I understand first hand that patients living with chronic diseases want and need more in terms of care, support and guidance.  Curant Health is dedicated to provide the compassionate, personalized support that patients and caregivers deserve.  Our goal is to engage and educate our patients about their health and the benefits of an adherent medication regimen.  It is very rewarding to provide these valued services for our patients and their support team,” said Scott.

Pankaj Patel, Executive Vice President and Pharmacist-in-charge

Grandmother has type 2 diabetes

Pankaj is one of the founding members of Curant Health. A graduate of the University of Houston Pharmacy School, he has been a practicing pharmacist for over 30 years. Along with the other founding members, Pankaj is focused on bringing to life his vision of creating a progressive medication management company.

As medication usage has increased, healthcare has turned to pharmacists to manage complex drug regimens to resolve and prevent medication-related problems. Pankaj has been instrumental in Curant Health taking the lead in medication therapy management optimization to monitor and improve outcomes associated with chronic diseases states and to provide drug information consultations to healthcare providers.

“I enjoy helping our patients understand their medications to get the most out of their therapy. When my grandmother was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, it was a family effort to help her with her daily medication and testing. Our collaborative effort ensured my grandmother kept to medication regimen so that she could be as healthy as possible. The good feeling I got from helping my grandmother is similar to what I experience every day at Curant. It’s rewarding when patients trust me enough to ask questions and listen to my advice.”

Marc O’Connor, Chief Operating Officer

Father, nephew had chronic heart conditions

Marc joined the Curant Health leadership team in 2011 as the Chief Operating Officer/ Chief Strategy Officer. Marc has twenty years of C-Level executive management, finance, and business development experience in the health care, energy, commercial construction, and energy infrastructure industries around the country. Before Curant Health, Marc founded a large scale energy development company which was acquired by a global multinational energy firm. He brings his strategy and implementation expertise to expand Curant Health’s reach and services to ensure improved outcomes for chronic disease state patients around the nation.

In 2007, Marc was named to the Catalyst’s Top 25 Entrepreneurs and Ones to Watch list. Released each year, Catalyst’s Top 25 Entrepreneurs recognizes those who are leading Atlanta’s business community. Marc can also be seen on the Discovery Channel’s “Greensburg” television program related to the development of the Greensburg, KS Energy Master Plan and Wind Farm project. Marc is also a frequent lecturer at the College of Engineering at the University of Florida.

Marc has first-hand knowledge of how the treatment and management of a chronic disease affects a family. Marc is the Chairman of the David Binko – American Heart Association event in Atlanta, GA which has been held for 10 years. David, Marc’s nephew, had a chronic heart condition from birth. After three difficult years David lost his battle with his heart condition. In addition, Marc lost his Father to a chronic heart condition that same year. It was these events that exposed Marc to the management of chronic diseases and was the impetus to enter the health care field in a meaningful way.

“Curant Health is a transformational healthcare company. As the national thought leader on developing and implementing chronic disease state patient focused protocols, Curant Health is proving to be a disruptive force to the traditional care model. Curant Health’s robust patient experience dramatically improves patient outcomes while reducing the health spend associated with these problematic disease states. Our nearly perfect patient retention rate is a testament to our patient focused care and services.”